Free Sample Letters

Free Sample Letters – Business Templates

Here are links to free sample letters for use in business situations:

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  • Sample job acceptance letter – A straightforward message that officially documents a candidate’s acceptance of a job offer. This file can be opened with Microsoft Office 97 or a later version.
  • Business letter templates – The Microsoft Office website offers a variety of business letters for download. At this link, find over four pages of free templates, including a business proposal, several types of complaints, a customer appreciation message, a meeting request, sales letters, past-due notices, and a basic job offer letter.
  • Character reference letters – This article discusses what exactly to include in a character reference and links to two templates available for download from the Microsoft Office website.
  • Termination letter example – This free sample termination letter is compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 and later versions. It’s a matter-of-fact message designed for firing someone who has displayed consistently poor performance. The letter references prior written warnings and has bullet point placeholders for listing specific performance issues.

How to Write Letters – Business & Personal Samples with Instructions

The following five letter samples come with instructions on customizing each one to suit multiple scenarios. These examples are in italics in the body of each article. To use one, simply copy and paste the italicized portion into a word processor and customize as needed.

  • Letter of resignation – Find a resignation letter that allows you to quit a job gracefully. This article includes tips for writing a respectful exit message without burning bridges or singling out any specific person as the reason for leaving.
  • Personal referral letter for a babysitter – This article contains one complete example character reference appropriate for an excellent babysitter who needs a personal referral from a non-teacher.
  • Professional letter of recommendation examples – Here is a letter of reference for a co-worker and another recommendation written from the viewpoint of a peer colleague or manager.
  • Interview thank you card writing sample – This article contains one example job interview thank you note message with a discussion about the appropriateness of emails versus handwritten cards.

How to Find Other Free Letter Writing Templates Online

All of the letter writing templates above can be customized to fit a particular situation. Simply start with one of the basic templates and insert names, dates, and details as needed.

If the personal and business letter templates above don’t suit your needs, consider doing a simple Google search for a specific type of message, making sure to add the word “template” and/or “sample” in the search box. Most search results should be for free templates, so it isn’t necessary to add the search term “free.”