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Starta (STA) Token BuyBack #1 |  Technical Details

Dear Starta Token Backers,
while we are all still waiting for the lawyers to resolve the issue of transferring the CND token (our portfolio company Cindicator), we are happy to announce that we have some  great news.
We have received a distribution from SNOV, which  came from their participation in the Token Rockets program as well as  their successful ICO.

We have been  credited with 80 ETH and 1.7M SNOV.  33% of the received ETH and SNOV tokens were transferred to  specifically created for this purpose Cross Coin PTE LTD wallets .

ETH have been  successfully converted to BTC and Waves in the 50/50 proportion and will be further used for the buyback of the STA tokens.

SNOV tokens will be sold on the exchange once the ICO price has been reached. The received funds will also be directed to the STA tokens buyback program.

All tokens purchased in the buyback will be accumulated in a wallet created specifically for this purpose and then utilized.

We would like  to draw  your attention to the basic parameters of the program buyback # 1.

Duration of the program:
11:00 am (GMT +03:00 Moscow) December 19,2017   till 11:00 am (GMT + 03:00 Moscow December 25, 2017

Total amount of funds:
      662.4927187 Waves
0.471665690 BTC

Distribution of funds by exchanges / markets:

Waves DEX
323.50614567 Waves / STA/WAVES
0.23759999 BTC / STA/BTC

338.983573 Waves / STA/WAVES
0.23406570 BTC / STA/BTC

Placement of the trading orders  within the term of the  buyback program is  not conditioned by the terms, periodicity,  volumes or  prices

STA tokens will be utilized

Results of the program will be disclosed.

Cross Coin PTE LTD team.

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