Earlier, when you wanted to get the weather forecast, you would have to check the newspaper or watch a local news channel. But now things have changed completely and become a lot more convenient.

Endless apps have been created for your android phone, and these can help you with almost everything. There is an app to help you learn singing, dancing, and baking. Also, apps help you play games, chat with friends, and learn about weather conditions. Yes, you indeed can learn about the weather forecast using your android phone, and we shall now learn about the best android app for weather that you may install right away.

1.The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a comprehensive and free app that comes with everything that you may require to keep an eye on the weather.

This app changes automatically depending on your location and offers present weather status and even hourly weather for the two coming days. Furthermore, it provides you with a forecast in advance for up to the next 15 days.

If you check The Weather Channel app anywhere between 6 and 11 am, you will get to see a 6-minute weather show. It offers you details of nationwide weather.

Android users even get to enjoy a dynamic home screen that keeps changing based on weather, location, and time. And, it tells you if the weather is apt for different types of outdoor activities.

2.Weather Kitty

If you like cats, you will love this app for sure. The Weather Kitty app features kittens, and it is their little paws that offer you the worldwide weather forecasts. Also, it provides a forecast for the next 10 days, for the next 24-hours, and even hourly forecasts.

Weather Kitty is powered by the popular Weather Underground. It offers you the NOAA forecast and thus includes more measurements like the current moon phase, humidity, the low and high temperatures of the day, and live radar. Furthermore, it provides wind chill, wind speed, sunset, sunrise, dew point, and a lot more.


AccuWeather is a simple yet comprehensive app. Its MinuteCast feature will give you minute-by-minute detailed weather condition updates for the next two hours. Hourly forecasts for up to 3 days are also available, and so is a daily 15-day forecast.

When you use this app, you even will get information about sunset and sunrise, allergies, and current weather videos, and news. You may even send in your weather videos and reports, and they may get featured by AccuWeather.

4.Shadow Weather

This is a simple and clean-looking app that provides only as many details as is needed at the top – just precipitation and temperature. But, when you scroll down, you will get the other data you may need.

You can easily customize the appearance of metrics and also choose from any of the four available color schemes.

Since this app draws its weather report from over one source, you may get some variation compared to the other apps. The map present in the free tier version of the app is pokey and small, but you can upgrade to a paid version and enjoy access to an interactive full-screen version.


If you enjoy clean graphics, then is an ideal weather app for you. Its top banner is very attractive owing to the usage of subtle animations and bright colors. Each of the weather metrics even has a cute little graphic.

If you upgrade to the app’s premium version, there is a lot for your lock screen. You may just enjoy the display of temperature and time or even track the battery …