Wish Upon a Hero Website Review

Wish Upon A Hero is a wonderful website that I ran across in November of 2017. The site was created by Dave Girgenti shortly after the September 11th attack on our nation. Dave had seen the growing need among people after such a horrible event and has worked hard to make a difference. He moved forward to create a site where no wish is to small, no wish is too large and everyone can be a hero. At the time this article was written there were 16996 members and 14310 wishes have been granted. All of this in less than a year. With the growth at the level it is now, can you imagine where we could be in five years? WUAH, as it is commonly referred to, has recently received its certified nonprofit status.

Wishes that are granted range from the very small to very large, therefor, re-enforcing the tag line “no wish is too small and no wish is too large”. The heartfelt commitment of the members is overwhelming. Although anyone can be a hero, there are “Wish Ambassadors” who work diligently to make wishes come true. These special people spend countless hours contacting businesses to get donations of products, time and coupons. There has been every type of wish granted from a birthday card to helping a WWII veteran return to Pearl Harbor. The possibilities of this effort combined with the “pay it forward” theory are endless.

On September 26th 2008, WUAH will hold the first annual Hero Awards Gala. This will be held in Voorhees, New Jersey at The Mansion on Main Street. The night will be filled with much excitement. Starting with a gourmet meal, auction, dancing, entertainment, and the granting of a wish LIVE. The tickets are only $125 per person and only 400 are being sold. So if you would like to be at the most inspirational event of the year then get your tickets early. This will defiantly be a night to remember.

In closing, I want everyone to think about your wish. Everyone has a wish and anyone can be a hero. How would it feel to put a smile on a child’s face by sending them a get well card or being part of a group that sends a child home to care for their dying parent? Visit this wonderful site at and become someones hero today.…

Simpsons Propel Burger King to Most Popular Website in July

The internet is a form of media with resources on every subject imaginable. It’s always interesting to find out what types of websites that the visitors to this immense resource visit the most though. ComScore, Inc. has announced their findings on this specific subject in a recent press release. The study which reveals the most popular websites for the month of July found certain categories controlled the visitors in July. These categories were movies, travel, and job searching.

The website with the biggest gain in the percentage of visitors for July was Burger King’s website. The press release credits the release of The Simpsons Movie as a large factor in this increase in traffic. Burger King along with The Simpsons Movie were marketing partners in the movie, and it has paid off for Burger King. In July they had 4.2 million visitors to their website. This was an increase of an astounding 774 percent over June’s visitor total. Movies didn’t just help Burger King’s website though.

The success of several movie releases in July drove web traffic to movie related websites as well. The more popular movie releases of the month included Transformers and Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix along with The Simpsons Movie. These releases drove visitors to move related websites including, and The movie industry websites as a whole saw a 12% increase according to the study in the press release. Moviefone had the most visitors among the three websites in July with 13.7 million of them, had 10.2 million visitors, and Movie has 6.7 million visitors, which was an increase over June of 107 percent for that website.

Other websites that were popular in July included vacation websites and job searching websites. Among the more popular travel related websites were car rental websites, and ground and cruise transportation websites. Meanwhile many web visitors were looking for summer jobs, or jobs after graduating college. Traffic to job searching websites increased by 11 percent according to the press release. had a total of 7.9 million visitors in the month of July which was a 3 percent increase over June. had fewer visitors than but it’s 6 percent increase over June was larger. The third most popular job searching website of July was HotJobs Job Search which had a total of 4.9 million visitors and the largest increase in the category of 11 percent over June.

The numbers and increases in percentages were based on the number of unique visitors to each website in the month of July. ComScore measures the use of the internet by the digital world, and monitors the use of over 2 million customers which allow comScore to track their browsing in a confidential manner.

SOURCES: “ComScore Media Metrix Releases Top 50 Web Rankings for July”.

Top Three Websites for U.S. Military Families

Websites  photoPhoto by Military families are faced with a number of challenges that most families are not. They are faced with the possibility and reality of deployment, leaving moms essentially single for 6 months or more. They face the challenges of service-related disabilities, different financial options, an endless amount of confusing paperwork on various issues and much more. Because of this, many websites have popped up that cater to the unique needs of military families. Listed here are the three that I have found the most helpful in my four years as an Army wife.

The first website is run by the National Military Family Association. It can be found at The National Military Family Association’s website has resources regarding deployment, childcare, health care benefits and soldier, spouse and children education benefits that are available to soldiers and their dependents. They also have very helpful tips for military families regarding finances and more.

The National Military Family Association is run by military family members with experience in the issues that military families face. They are there for to answer the questions of our service members and their families with caring and understanding. Not only are they available online, but they are also advocating our military families in the political arena.

The next website that I have found very helpful is Military Homefront. Military Homefront is a website that is run by the Department of Defense. It can be found at Military Homefront contains virtually everything that a military family needs to know. Their information is accurate, timely and covers all branches of the military.

Military Homefront, being the run by the Department of Defense, is one of the most trustworthy sites that a military family can find online. They are there with resources on everything from childcare to suicide prevention. They even have information on adoption and moving. They are very thorough.

The last site I am going to mention is run by the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs. It can be found at I mention this site because many of our service members are also veterans. Veterans and their families have unique needs, even in the complicated world of military families. Therefore, no list of helpful military family sites would be complete without this site. Their information is relevant for veterans of all types, active or not.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is there to help veterans with their medical needs, homelessness, readjustment counseling and much more. My husband has been treated in VA hospitals for more than six years and my grandfather died in one. I can tell you that as overworked and understaffed as they are, they are there to help and their website has all the information you need about getting help from them.

There are other sites out there, but I have found these three to be the most helpful, well intentioned and accurate of them all. They are easy to use, so even the busiest on-the-go military family can find what they need.

If you have found this article because you are a service member or a family member, thank you for your sacrifices and good luck finding what you need. I have often heard military counselors say that military family members often do not reach out for help with their unique situations because they feel alone. Remember, there are groups of military family members all over the country who know exactly how you feel. Do not be afraid to contact them.


*Personal Knowledge…

Two Web Sites that Offer Candy You Used to Eat as a Kid, but Can't Find Anymore

Remember Zotz candy? It was a hard candy that you sucked on until it melted, allowing a center filling to begin fizzing inside your mouth. The result was kind of like a mini-volcano erupting, except the taste was sour. It was a big hit during the 1970s. Another big hit was the Marathon Bar, which was a long interlaced webbing of chocolate-covered caramel. Umm-mmm good! Man, did they make great candy back in the olden days. It’s difficult to find things like Zotz or a Marathon Bar today, or for that matter Space Food Sticks and chocolate cigarettes. That’s not to say, however, that they stopped making these treats entirely.

There are two web sites that I know of and probably a few more I don’t that exist entirely for the purpose of fulfilling your nostalgic cravings. These web sites don’t necessarily carry the exact brand of candy that you may remember, but the substitutions are certainly close enough. For instance, the Marathon Bar is now known as the Wurly Curly, but it’s essentially the same thing. And Zotz might be known as Lotsa Fizz.

The two web sites are Victory Old Time Candy Store and Candy You Ate as a Kid. Both sites feature a collection of candies you can buy that date back further than many can remember. Candy You Ate as a Kid has the more extensive collection, but you can find most of the candy you won’t easily find elsewhere on either site. In addition to providing the opportunity to buy these candies, both sites also offer informative and entertaining background information on the origin of the candies, along with images of their original packaging. Even if you don’t intend to purchase candy, these web sites are fascinating for the little bites of history they offer.

As I mentioned, Candy You Ate as a Kid offers bigger selection than Victory Old Time Candy Store and one of the things I really like about it is the Pack a Bag option that allows you go through each of the offered candy and selected how much you want of each. And even if you aren’t looking to recapture the nostalgia of bygone candy, both sites offer plenty of candy to keep you busy. But why bother with a Mr. Goodbar when you can fill up on such lost treasures as Candy Watches, Slap Stix, Root Beer Barrels, and Hot Dog Gum?

Really want to show off to your kids how much better things were twenty, thirty or fifty years ago? Even if you can’t get them to appreciate the music you listened to or the television shows you watched or black & white movies, you can almost guarantee they will be impressed by candy that fizzes over in your mouth or gum that really does look like a hot dog. And if they aren’t impressed by that, then wait till you introduce them to magic of Gold Mine Gum, little nuggets of gum that actually look like gold.…

Best Web Sites for Free Online Movies

When trying to find free movies online, searching may become a bit baffling. With so many dead end sites, sites that are “free” with purchases, and poor quality sites, one may give up entirely on finding a Web page for free movie viewing. But, rest assured that this article will provide information and Web site addresses for great quality, free movie sites.

A personal favorite Web site is At youtube, movies can be watched easily and hassle-free. Movie titles are divided into categories, making your serch for that perfect title even easier. Youtube is a free Web site, allowing viewings of practicly any movie ever made. Movies, music videos, and TV shows are all featured at no charge on Youtube.

Another great choice is Slashcontrol also offers free movies to Web surfers. This Web site is set up in alphabetical order, for a quick and easy search for your particular title. In addition to select movies, this site also features free viewing of some TV shows. is a Web site that features free movies and TV shows. This site gives a different setup. The first step is to search for your movie either by genre or alphabetically searching the title. This site is a bit different because the movie can either be watched or downloaded for owning. Momomesh is limited on the selection, but is a good choice if you wish to own the movie. is a great Web site, that has a large library of both movies and TV shows, featuring a wide variety of classic shows. This site is very user friendly and titles can easily be found through a simple search option. With many titles to select from, this uninterrupted free site is a great choice.

Another Web site that offers movies at no cost is This site doubles as a viewing page, and also a page to download movies at no charge. I have not checked the quality of the steaming video, but reviews have been favorable for this free site.

Other sites are, and These are just a few of the sites that offer free viewing of new and classic movies, and TV shows.

Netflix, a movie order company, also offers free movie viewings to their subscribers. Monthly paid accounts start at $6.99, which includes unlimited viewings of a wide variety of movies and TV shows. Classic shows, musicals, popular movie concerts, and horror movies are all part of the options offered by

Whatever genre of movie you are searching for, these above listed sites should provide you with the ultimate movie or TV show title. With crystal-clear streaming, viewing is just as good as through a television set. And, best of all, there is no driving to the store and fighting lines of customers, trying to find the perfect title. Stay at home, in your jams and houseslippers and find the perfect movie in peace. These Web sites bring the wonder of Hollywood right into your living room, for free.…

UCLA Cheerleaders Pictures Set Web on Fire

March Madness has much more to offer than just basketball. And nothing makes that more abundantly clear than the hardworking UCLA basketball cheerleaders. You can see the UCLA basketball cheerleaders pictures here.

Some would argue that a college basketball team’s cheerleaders play a role in how well the team performs. “You might think they have no effect on the game itself, but I call it the Michael Strahan Indexor the distraction factor, if you will, affecting both opponents and more importantly the officials. Why else do you think the Bruins have received all the calls recently?” wrote CriticalFanatic on the FanIQ website in March of 2008.

That’s an interesting theory, and it may or may not be true. But one thing is undeniable: The UCLA cheerleaders are much more than just eye candy. Indeed, they work very hard. In addition to being required to maintain a 2.5 grade point average, they must devote hours to practicing and personal training. What’s more, they are required to perform at all home games and most away games. They also devote a considerable amount of time representing the university at various public appearances. That amounts to huge time commitment outside the classroom.

Despite this respectable devotion to the craft of cheerleading exhibited by the UCLA cheerleaders, there are some who argue that that cheerleading is sexist and that it objectifies women – especially in pro sports. “When it comes to professional sports, the differences in the cheer-leading are as obvious as the physical characteristics of the cheerleaders. In college, cheer-leading is more of a sport. Most of the young women are more naturally and athletically built, and the routines and outfits aren’t as blatantly sexual as in the NFL. The professional cheerleaders’ purpose is to entertain the men, hence no male cheerleaders,” writes Me….Again.

Me…Again offers some compelling thoughts, but are they realistic? Do the UCLA cheerleaders and all female college cheerleaders, for that matter, exist as much for their beauty and ability to titillate as they do for their athleticism and school spirit? It would be hard to argue otherwise. The UCLA cheerleaders are indeed much more than eye candy, but the fact that they are eye candy is a critical element in their success.

Indeed, March Madness has much more to offer than just basketball.


Why UCLA Will Win It All: Hottest Cheeleaders, CriticalFanatic, FanIQ, March 18, 2008

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