Spring Break Tips for College Students

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Enjoy the beautiful weather and spending time with your friends during spring break. Make some memories you will treasure forever. Remember to use caution and don’t act in ways you would not do at home. Come back alive from spring break; remember all the people who love you and don’t do something stupid that would cost your life and give them unbearable pain.

Safety Tips for Spring Break

Don’t get in a car with people you do not know. Many a young lady has gone missing this way and ended up murdered. Spend time with your friends during spring break and don’t make a silly decision to leave a bar with strangers. This quick decision could cost you your life.

Forego the wild vacation sex with strangers. Don’t experiment with a new lifestyle on spring break. Being wild sexually with strangers makes it too easy to obtain sexual diseases and a lot of emotional pain when you return home and realize you made a very stupid mistake and now have to go to the doctor.

Don’t drink excessively. Don’t imbibe so heavily you endanger your safety. When one is drinking heavily judgment becomes cloudy and one makes decisions that later will be seen as very stupid. Drinking heavily sometimes leads to death. Also, if one is so intoxicated she can barely function sometimes a predator will take advantage of that situation.

Don’t go swimming late at night or when you are intoxicated. Save ocean swims for daylight hours when there are lifeguards on duty. Don’t mix drinking and late night swims either. Remember to follow basic safety rules to avoid tragedy.

Don’t go out alone. Stay with at least one friend when traveling around on spring break. Don’t go to bars alone and do not walk back to the hotel alone either. There is safety in numbers so stay with friends and enjoy a safe spring break.

Leave a note in the hotel about where you are going. In case something unusual happens, always leave a note about where you are going when you leave the hotel.

Don’t flaunt bling when on spring break. Why encourage theft? Leave the bling at home when you head out for spring break. Theft is common in hotels so you don’t want to leave valuables there. If you are wearing the bling it just encourages someone to follow you to rob you or worse to douse your drink with something and then after you pass out steal your bling.

Enjoy a fun and safe spring break by using common sense and caution!