Batch #3 Winter 2017

iCoinSoft Exchange Platform allows anybody to launch their own digital asset exchange in 2 weeks time and start making revenue by trading and exchanging blockchain assets of their choice (cryptocurrencies, stocks, smart-contracts, etc)
Dress Code - a personal AI assistant that understands you and your body, gives you advice and helps discover the clothes you'll love.
 ​Protokol transcribes multiple voices from any meeting, interview, conference or other voice negotiations into complete text file analyzing it and distributing it to meeting participants.
Suretly is the first crowdvouching platform allowing people buy or sell micro suretyships.
GuildWalls – Slack for gamers – a social environment created especially for gamers. We offer gamers socialization and all essential services, required for their everyday life inside and outside the game.
Kuoll is an intelligent automation of production quality assurance. Kuoll script works like a flight recorder on the airplane, — continuously records front-end data and makes it available when something goes wrong.
MirrorCX is a self-service solution for Customer eXperience Management in retail. Get information about the level of corporate standards implementation, customer satisfaction and staff competences at each point of sale. Find patterns, analyze, and make management decisions based on the smart reports.​​
Flashsafe - USB key which transmit your data to the cloud server with end-to-end encryption and preserve the anonymity of the user.
ZUBMILL is a platform used for the electronic exchange of orders of dental structures. It helps customers (dentists / dental technicians) to find the manufacturer of dental constructions, based on the current price lists with terms of manufacturing, deadlines.

Batch #2 Fall 2016

bNesis is a Unified API service that saves up to 95% of the coding time on integration of multiple clouds, social media and analytics services with mobile and desktop applications.  
Worldwide air quality forecasting with a city block resolution.
 FriendlyData makes work with data as simple as messaging with the friend by providing natural language interface for databases.
E-Contenta turns regular native ads into personalized.  AI algorithims couple brand's and publishers websites into one content environment to get brand awareness and a much higher customer conversion rate.                                            
Consumer health monitoring device that continuously tracks vital signs with the accuracy that doctors trust. AI technology can predict heart diseases, using the specific algorithms.
Reveal is AI-powered chatbot that alerts marketers when they lose money on inefficient advertising campaigns and provides insights on how to improve them.                              
Insense is the only tool that helps brands like Uber, L'Oreal to convert influencer campaign reach to installs or sign-ups. 
Kidbee is a mobile app that helps parents motivate kids to learn by providing tangible rewards. Kidbee is the only app where kids learn and earn real stuff.
 Integrated platform for e-mail, SMS and webpush marketing based on Artificial Intelligence.

Batch #1 Winter 2016

Post Demo Day Life
Founders' Reviews

​​​an enterprise platform for IT solution providers who need simple tools to create precise indoor navigation and tracking solutions.
​simplifies the private jet marketplace by aggregating sales channels, airline management and operation software, payments and contracting. Utilizing JetHunter’s platform enables airlines and brokers to cut the time spent booking flights, create smarter schedules and eliminate empty flights.​
​​a health wearables company. Healbe GoBe is the first and only wearable device that automatically measures the calories you consume and burn, through your skin. The company raised the first $1M through Indiegogo.
​a mobile app for 3D reality capture. GeoCV is founded by computer vision veterans with 10-years experience, their previous startup has been acquired.

provides valuable, independent and accurate forecasts and signals for traders, analysts and individual investors, connecting them to the collective wisdom of the crowd. CrowdForecasting platform uses the principles of the scientific and math theory "The Wisdom of the Crowd", which in 80% of the cases allows to get more accurate predictions from the crowd than by individual experts and professional analysts.