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Security of your computer is very important. Your computer has your work, your private stuff and it participates by some means or another in your brilliant future. So you should spend some time to protect it against Viruses, Worms, Trojans and rootkits. Anyway, you are not supposed to know the definition of all of the previous terms, you can just know these things may destroy your computer. So how to prevent them from accessing your computer, and if any of them exist on your computer, you must get rid of them.

First of all, you must have an Anti-Virus, and I recommend two for you, you can choose one, as it is not supposed to have two Anti-virus at the same time on one computer. The first one is Avira Anti-Virus you can download it for free from the website . The second one is AVG Anti-Virus and it is free too from its official website . Then you will install it on your computer, I am using both , one on the pc and one on the laptop. Both are good, don’t worry. Then after Installation, you have two important things to do. First , To update it daily, and the second thing is to scan you full system weekly at least.

Second Step Is To, to have a FireWall which is the last part of your computer before the network, whatever this network was, the Internet or a smaller network. About Anti-Virus I wrote two common ones, but here I recommend just one which is Zone Alarm and it is free too, yeah a lot of free software here!!!! you are lucky, Zone Alarm link is just download it and install it, it will schedule its updates and fortunately the FireWall doesn’t make a system scan.

Good Luck and see you in coming articles.

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