How to Garden on a Budget

I went to visit my co-worker and close friend after work one day. Upon my arrival I noticed a very lush and extensive garden. She later confided in me that it cost her a great deal of money. To which my eyes bulged… and not knowing how to do my own garden because I had no yard, I did not know how to answer. As recent events would have it, I know have a wonderful yard, granted it is not completely mine, but I have done all the work to fix her up. Now I know how hard it is to keep and maintain a garden, however, I have a lot of great tips to get you started.

First you will need basic garden supplies: shovel, rake, hand trowel, garden gloves. These items can be found virtually anywhere; however, what I like to do before I head out to the store is look online and compare prices. This not only saves gas (so you aren't barreling from store to store) but saves you time and money by allowing you to see which store is your best option for one-stop-shopping.

Also if you don't find the items you like at the prices that are affordable and available in the store you could buy online. If this isn't feasible you can ask your landlord (if you are a renter) or neighbor to borrow some tools. But if you are borrowing-remember to treat them gently-no one wants broken or damages tools returned to them!

My other favorite place to get my gardening supplies because they are so cheap and the items last for years-the dollar store! From the Dollar Tree to the Dollar General-they have great prices, selection, and value; but not so much on quality.

Another great resource; if you have friends or family who like to garden ask them for any excess items they are not using that you may have… I have gotten a lot of items for my garden in this particular way because a lot of my family tends to garden.

So remember to compare prices online, browse or buy online, shop the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or the Dollar Stores before stopping at the big hardware stores, or ask a friend or family member for supplies you have not rounded up yet; all these tips should help you save a bundle on your gardening experience!