Disturbing Garden Dark Haiku

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Due to my super hectic work schedule running a seasonal business right now, my yard and gardens are in dire need of attention. I have been working on both in bits and pieces of spare time, but feel as if I am fighting a losing battle.

While driving home from work last evening, I admired house after house with perfectly landscaped yards and gardens bursting to life with color. However, when I arrived home, I was painfully aware of just how bad a shape my own are in.

I wrote this Haiku to honor (in the darkest sense) my sticks-and-pine-cone-laden yard and creepy looking cottage gardens that have taken on a disturbing look of their own.

Surely, there must be someone else out there with a garden that even bugs and wildlife avoid! If you do, don’t be shy; please share your story in the comment section and God speed!

Spine-Chilling Garden Haiku

My green thumb is sick

Garden frightens all children

Scary weeds grow there