How to Choose a Hosting Company

Website hosting is something that many laypeople struggle with. You can end up paying way more than you should if you don’t do your homework when choosing a hosting plan. Some companies still charge as much as $50 – $70 to host a single website. That’s ridiculous. These companies also rarely offer website templates and other tools that can help novices get off to a running start. Hosting is something that many people want, but rarely research properly. I would recommend anyone looking for hosting check out the following hosting companies:

• The Planet


Each of these companies offer good prices but their hosting plans are different. Hostgator and The Planet are good websites for setting up companies. If you choose the reseller package, you can have as many websites as your heart desires and more than 1,000 domain names. Most users will never acquire this many because they will only use a few domains. Therefore most users will waste the money they spend on hosting. If you choose a personal website package, you can host a single website as low as $9.00 per month. These tiny packages have small numbers of e-mail addresses and small numbers of sub-domains you can use. Each of these packages is designed to give you the maximum amount of flexibility you need for a price you can afford. You just need to decide how you can maximize its use and create income. Having a single website is often not enough to generate income for your business. The most popular web-based model involves at least 3 websites.
The basic personal package can’t do this, so a $9.00 per month solution isn’t going to work for most people who are serious about doing business over the internet. The reseller package gives you the best amount of options with the smallest cost. A reseller package is usually the best thing for a novice to choose because it gives the beginner room to grow. Getting a small package and then upgrading may require additional setup fees. Get the right package the first time and you can save money. If you are a person looking to define your business, you really don’t know what you need. Sometimes you don’t know where to begin so you should plan to grow. That is the best option in web hosting. Of the companies mentioned above, I recommend Hostgator. They are a relatively cheap and they come highly recommended. For more information on hosting visit