Top Three Websites for U.S. Military Families

Websites  photoPhoto by Military families are faced with a number of challenges that most families are not. They are faced with the possibility and reality of deployment, leaving moms essentially single for 6 months or more. They face the challenges of service-related disabilities, different financial options, an endless amount of confusing paperwork on various issues and much more. Because of this, many websites have popped up that cater to the unique needs of military families. Listed here are the three that I have found the most helpful in my four years as an Army wife.

The first website is run by the National Military Family Association. It can be found at The National Military Family Association’s website has resources regarding deployment, childcare, health care benefits and soldier, spouse and children education benefits that are available to soldiers and their dependents. They also have very helpful tips for military families regarding finances and more.

The National Military Family Association is run by military family members with experience in the issues that military families face. They are there for to answer the questions of our service members and their families with caring and understanding. Not only are they available online, but they are also advocating our military families in the political arena.

The next website that I have found very helpful is Military Homefront. Military Homefront is a website that is run by the Department of Defense. It can be found at Military Homefront contains virtually everything that a military family needs to know. Their information is accurate, timely and covers all branches of the military.

Military Homefront, being the run by the Department of Defense, is one of the most trustworthy sites that a military family can find online. They are there with resources on everything from childcare to suicide prevention. They even have information on adoption and moving. They are very thorough.

The last site I am going to mention is run by the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs. It can be found at I mention this site because many of our service members are also veterans. Veterans and their families have unique needs, even in the complicated world of military families. Therefore, no list of helpful military family sites would be complete without this site. Their information is relevant for veterans of all types, active or not.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is there to help veterans with their medical needs, homelessness, readjustment counseling and much more. My husband has been treated in VA hospitals for more than six years and my grandfather died in one. I can tell you that as overworked and understaffed as they are, they are there to help and their website has all the information you need about getting help from them.

There are other sites out there, but I have found these three to be the most helpful, well intentioned and accurate of them all. They are easy to use, so even the busiest on-the-go military family can find what they need.

If you have found this article because you are a service member or a family member, thank you for your sacrifices and good luck finding what you need. I have often heard military counselors say that military family members often do not reach out for help with their unique situations because they feel alone. Remember, there are groups of military family members all over the country who know exactly how you feel. Do not be afraid to contact them.


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