Simpsons Propel Burger King to Most Popular Website in July

The internet is a form of media with resources on every subject imaginable. It’s always interesting to find out what types of websites that the visitors to this immense resource visit the most though. ComScore, Inc. has announced their findings on this specific subject in a recent press release. The study which reveals the most popular websites for the month of July found certain categories controlled the visitors in July. These categories were movies, travel, and job searching.

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The website with the biggest gain in the percentage of visitors for July was Burger King’s website. The press release credits the release of The Simpsons Movie as a large factor in this increase in traffic. Burger King along with The Simpsons Movie were marketing partners in the movie, and it has paid off for Burger King. In July they had 4.2 million visitors to their website. This was an increase of an astounding 774 percent over June’s visitor total. Movies didn’t just help Burger King’s website though.

The success of several movie releases in July drove web traffic to movie related websites as well. The more popular movie releases of the month included Transformers and Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix along with The Simpsons Movie. These releases drove visitors to move related websites including, and The movie industry websites as a whole saw a 12% increase according to the study in the press release. Moviefone had the most visitors among the three websites in July with 13.7 million of them, had 10.2 million visitors, and Movie has 6.7 million visitors, which was an increase over June of 107 percent for that website.

Other websites that were popular in July included vacation websites and job searching websites. Among the more popular travel related websites were car rental websites, and ground and cruise transportation websites. Meanwhile many web visitors were looking for summer jobs, or jobs after graduating college. Traffic to job searching websites increased by 11 percent according to the press release. had a total of 7.9 million visitors in the month of July which was a 3 percent increase over June. had fewer visitors than but it’s 6 percent increase over June was larger. The third most popular job searching website of July was HotJobs Job Search which had a total of 4.9 million visitors and the largest increase in the category of 11 percent over June.

The numbers and increases in percentages were based on the number of unique visitors to each website in the month of July. ComScore measures the use of the internet by the digital world, and monitors the use of over 2 million customers which allow comScore to track their browsing in a confidential manner.

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