Two Web Sites that Offer Candy You Used to Eat as a Kid, but Can’t Find Anymore

Remember Zotz candy? It was a hard candy that you sucked on until it melted, allowing a center filling to begin fizzing inside your mouth. The result was kind of like a mini-volcano erupting, except the taste was sour. It was a big hit during the 1970s. Another big hit was the Marathon Bar, which was a long interlaced webbing of chocolate-covered caramel. Umm-mmm good! Man, did they make great candy back in the olden days. It’s difficult to find things like Zotz or a Marathon Bar today, or for that matter Space Food Sticks and chocolate cigarettes. That’s not to say, however, that they stopped making these treats entirely.

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There are two web sites that I know of and probably a few more I don’t that exist entirely for the purpose of fulfilling your nostalgic cravings. These web sites don’t necessarily carry the exact brand of candy that you may remember, but the substitutions are certainly close enough. For instance, the Marathon Bar is now known as the Wurly Curly, but it’s essentially the same thing. And Zotz might be known as Lotsa Fizz.

The two web sites are Victory Old Time Candy Store and Candy You Ate as a Kid. Both sites feature a collection of candies you can buy that date back further than many can remember. Candy You Ate as a Kid has the more extensive collection, but you can find most of the candy you won’t easily find elsewhere on either site. In addition to providing the opportunity to buy these candies, both sites also offer informative and entertaining background information on the origin of the candies, along with images of their original packaging. Even if you don’t intend to purchase candy, these web sites are fascinating for the little bites of history they offer.

As I mentioned, Candy You Ate as a Kid offers bigger selection than Victory Old Time Candy Store and one of the things I really like about it is the Pack a Bag option that allows you go through each of the offered candy and selected how much you want of each. And even if you aren’t looking to recapture the nostalgia of bygone candy, both sites offer plenty of candy to keep you busy. But why bother with a Mr. Goodbar when you can fill up on such lost treasures as Candy Watches, Slap Stix, Root Beer Barrels, and Hot Dog Gum?

Really want to show off to your kids how much better things were twenty, thirty or fifty years ago? Even if you can’t get them to appreciate the music you listened to or the television shows you watched or black & white movies, you can almost guarantee they will be impressed by candy that fizzes over in your mouth or gum that really does look like a hot dog. And if they aren’t impressed by that, then wait till you introduce them to magic of Gold Mine Gum, little nuggets of gum that actually look like gold.