How to Generate Writing Ideas

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Young children are encouraged to write freely in journals with little attention to grammar, spelling and organization. As children mature, they are suddenly expected to follow the formal writing process beginning with the prewrite stage. Adults are not the only people who experience writer’s block. Does your child often say, “I don’t know what to write about.”? Remedy this problem with a handy Prewrite Binder.

Prewrite Binder
Solve writer’s block with a creative project to get the words flowing.

(1) 3-ring binder
(1) scissor
(1) glue stick
(1) hole puncher
recycled magazines, books and trinkets
personal pictures
lined and blank paper (colored and white)
pens, pencils, crayons

Step 1
Explain to your child that he/she will periodically add pictures and words to the Prewrite Binder like a scrapbook.

Step 2
Let your child decorate the outside of the binder using the materials suggested. The Prewrite Binder should reflect your child’s interests.

Step 3
Have your child brainstorm about his/her favorite things and add those ideas to the sheets of paper contained in the binder either with drawings, words or cut outs from the compiled magazines, books and pictures.

Step 4
Help your child generate additional items to add by talking about his/her favorite movies, books, pets, vacations, birthdays and other cherished memories.

Step 5
Print out graphic organizers online that include beginning, middle and end or setting, characters and events to be added at the end of the binder.

Step 6
Keep the Prewrite Binder in a readily accessible spot so your child can grab it at any moment and insert additional ideas.

The next time you hear, “I don’t know what to write about,” you can respond, “Grab your Prewrite Binder.” Your child is sure to find something to write about in a binder reflecting him/her. It will also be fun for your child to reminisce while perusing all the pages.