Blogging: The Writer’s Best Friend

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Having a best friend is one of the best gifts that God may give to mankind. These days, having a friend is not only restricted into having a human friend to hang around and tell stories to. People with dedication in writing often find their companion in paper and pen and in most cases, in their personal computer’s keyboard.

With the advancement of the Internet, anyone can now share their stories online through blogging. Anyone can express how they feel in a blog, just like having a best friend. Blogs frequently become more than a means to just speak up or communicate. However, it also becomes a means to think about or reflect on life or mechanisms of art. Blogging may impose sentimental quality. There are some who posts their poems, experiences and ideas in their blogs. It can even be used to announce something or to acknowledge someone. Others make use of it more like their personal online diaries. Blogs can even be a good means in providing information about places, pets, music, books, an author’s masterpiece, restaurants, bars and more. It is also a good means in marketing a product. One can simply post anything by blogging.

Oftentimes, blogs are imparted with passion or feelings that the writer desires to convey. At the outset, it may show and reflect a writer’s experiences. But later on, as the writer steps forward, he can then make use of it in writing an article of topics that interests him. He can write simply anything he wishes to, from marketing certain products to speaking about God or events. Many writers also make use of blogs as a means to earn extra cash by writing about a variety of topics as they deliver and post their masterpieces on various blog websites.

A usual blog coalesces images, text and links to webpages, other blog sites and other media associated to its topics. One important part of blogs is the space that would enable other people to leave comments. Most blogs are predominantly made up of text alone but there are also some that focuses on photographs, sketches, art, videos, podcasts and music.

Writing blogs is just the same as writing in well-known word processors. It differs only with the blogging feature that let bloggers to key in some terms or keywords that enables the said blog to easily be accessed via search engines like Yahoo!, AOL and Google. This often results to the generation of Internet traffic via SEO. Search engines make accessible simply everything that one may need in his everyday life, studies, jobs and more. It is no secret that blogging is a good way in boosting SEO rankings. Some websites make use of blogs in order to be ranked quickly. Nevertheless, SEO usage is not suggested when marketing services or products because SEO does not assure high transaction and sales volume.

The cry for foremost reconstruction is immensely in advancement in the World Wide Web as it ceaselessly facilitates to move along process in the everyday life of each human being.