How to Get Your College Textbooks for Free

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Most of us know or heard about how much cost. Three textbooks can cost a student around $500 – $600. That’s a lot of money, especially for who have to pay for other things like rent. Good thing there is a way to get your college textbooks for free. This article will tell you how.

from your friends and classmates

In order to get college textbooks for free you have to have good friends. Borrowing books from friends who already had the class you’re taking is a good idea. Normally in college, friends and classmates are drawn to help one another out. Sharing is a big thing in college because there are lots of help and will help you if they also know you will help them. So, please consider asking your friends and classmates for help.

Requesting books from other libraries in your state

Another way to get college textbooks for free is to borrow from your state’s libraries. Find out your state’s library database system. Michigan state library database system is On this site, you can search for the textbook that you need. This system will find the books for you and show you what libraries in your state have them. After finding your from your college and have them delivered to your college’s library. Also, check on your school’s library web-page, they will normally have this information for you under “borrowing”. Interlibrary loan is also another way to borrow books.

The only downside to this is that you have to renew the books; there’s also a limit on how many times you can renew the book. This can result in you not having a book by semester end because there is a due date on brining the book back. Also, sometimes there may not be any books that you need at any libraries in your state. However, this is still a very good option in getting your college textbooks for free.

Use Your Colleges’ Library Reserve System

Another way to get your college textbooks for free is to use the reserve system at your college’s libraries. Sometimes Professors put copies of textbooks that students need on reserve in the library. You can check these books out for a limited time. You will have to use those books in the library for the whole time you’re allowed to check it out. You cannot leave the library with reserve books because other students need them. What you can do is make copies of the pages you need and make sure you go very early in the morning when you want to check them out.

So, borrowing textbooks from your friends and classmates, using your state’s library database system, and using your college’s library reserve system can help you avoid paying for your college textbooks. Good luck !