Selling Digital Goods and E-books Online

What are digital products? Digital products are goods like videos, audio files, mp3’s, music, digital art, movies, manuals, certificates, articles, files, private websites access, pod casts, software and e-books. Selling of digital products online is a fast growing industry at this time of cyber space age. The most important concern regarding this industry is piracy since this affects the writers/authors, publishers and programmers billions worth of money per year in e-commerce gains.

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The demands for information technology and for digital products had boosted radically in the previous years generating an extremely lucrative industry to get into. Producing e-books and developing software became an easy. With all the information accessible on the internet and with the outsourcing business community, anyone who is digitally driven can be able to generate a highly lucrative digital product.

There are many small, medium and large scale websites that are selling these digital products. These websites have their own digital products shopping carts that have efficient and secured digital products delivery tools that avoid illegal access to products. On the occasion that the digital products had been delivered to the customers, it would take a lot of efforts to stop the buyer from re-distributing soft copies to other people like their families, friends and colleagues. Those receivers re-distribute the copies again to their families, friends and co-workers and the process will just continue like a cycle. These activities will cause enormous losses in profit.

The first client’s dilemma will be even more dangerous in purchasing the product. When the client asks for a reimbursement, the seller might lose the initial sale. However, the initial buyer can still keep the digital product and can still have the capacity to redistribute the digital products. Companies and websites that sell digital products offer refunds because this is the easiest way to raise sales profits. On the contrary, they do not know that this will only give room to negative behaviours of deceitful buyers.

There are ways to address with the security issues in selling digital products. The sellers can invest on comprehensive program that would allow the seller to enhance their tracking capabilities in order for them to track if their digital products are being reproduced..

Other features of this program are security licensing and registration key tools. The However, this will consume much time to set up and maintain.

It is possible to secure the sold digital products. It is also possible to deactivate the license key if the seller finds out that the initial buyer is redistributing the digital products that they bought. The following can help sellers to protect their digital products from being pirated:

Post the digital product through the web interface, adding more specific facts about the product and where it can be downloaded. Use special desktop software application, put user ID, product ID and password. Put license key that can only be used by one client. After using the license key by the registered buyer/owner it will be deactivated when re-distributed.