Notebook PC Pros and Cons: Read Before You Spend Dollars

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When Julia wants to buy something she always looks for pros and cons of the product. Are you Julia? Want to buy a Notebook PC and desperate to know its pros and cons? We wonder you are, and so here are some factual points we know, that could influence your buying and dropping decision. Notebook PC pros and cons..

Notebook Pros (first)

Notebook Computer is amazing mainly because of its small-sized looks. You can carry your interests anywhere. Any Software’s, games, movies, even the minute-to-minute details that when needed for rewind purposes, you can enjoy them and share with others.

You’re no longer tethered to your office desktops, or even to a power outlet. We couldn’t find a place where these Notebooks can’t go. Can you? So what basically does it means?

Simple, you can entertain your friends outside your apartment, do videos with girls on beach and enjoy life to its maximum. Feeling tired and exhausted, sick of your place, the not done, then pick your seat in the McDonalds and get the Notebook do your home work. Gone abroad and need some back pats? Share your memories while connected to the Internet and encourage yourself instantly.

It’s just not limited to them. You have got a friend, entertaining you 24 hours. Think about it, use it as you wish, it won’t say never to you, though your friend may. Take it to your bedroom, bathroom, even your kitchen while you cook, just pick the piece up and do what ever your imagination says to. Best of all, power cords and many of its kinds are problems no more. Start messaging, read online news while you sit on your couch.

Did you know, two desktops can never do the job your Notebook can do alone by itself. You know workers back in old days used to work at Now proud James takes his office work to his home and gets the boss patting him more than before. Want promotion ideas, you already got one.

Notebook Cons

There’s not much to argument on it, though as Century changes, technology changes. If you can buy a PC for half to $1000, you will buy a Notebook close to $1000. Many now are tagged for $600 (or more) for average users. It’s mainly because of its small-size and many can’t afford it. Computer parts and machinery can not be fitted elsewhere hence these same parts are slimmed down to a more compact size of a Notebook model.

Furthermore stretchy people have got little to benefit from it. The keyboards quite small and narrowed though they can adjust it to their desired positions. Gaming folks cherish big screens, they can’t get it. Others are used to the mouse tradition and won’t prefer anything else. With that being said there are alternatives and they may need to buy a separate mouse or a cord connected to the big screen.

Last of all you may stick to what you have. Any changes or video card upgrades simply don’t exist next to a Notebook. Reread Notebook pros and cons before you set out spending big. It’s not for everybody, you know.