College Adjustment First Year Tips for Survival!

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College first year adjustment can go smoothly if you are prepared to know what to expect and set realistic expectations! Many do not feel like they fit in. Students who have not have much experience away from home find themselves alone and depressed. Success can be achieved the first year of college, if you do your research and prepare!

Roommates can be a point of contention for many students. If you go to college with plans to room with your best friend that may be great. That also may be a disaster! After you live with a tired of being with that person. If you live with someone, they become familiar and sometimes a target for your stress. The best way to handle your relationship with your roommate is to pace yourself! Do not do everything with your roommate! Go to the library by yourself, do things with other friends, eat by yourself. This will let your roommate know from the beginning that you do not have to do everything together. As much as you want to spend all your time together, don’t! Setting this pace will allow you freedom and the luxury of not getting into a big fight when you finally realize you need some you time! This principal also works for boyfriends and girlfriends!

Work regular hours. If you think of you should have no problem succeeding. You wouldn’t take a two hour lunch break, if you were accountable to a boss. Set your hours from let’s say 8 to 5. Take little breaks, but try to stay as productive as you can these hours. Remember he who works hard plays harder! Allow yourself to let loose at night, don’t lock yourself away from the social scene, just make sure you can find that balance!

Make lots of friends! Join groups if you really want to, but they really aren’t necessary to join to find friends. In college, most friends are made in the area of study the student chooses! Most art kids are friends with art kids. Most bio majors end up being friends with bio majors. This rule does not always apply, but generally people feel comfortable with people they have something in common with. So this is a good place to look for friends! If you think you are going to be an art major, take art your first semester so you can make some friends in your field!

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One thing you need to remember in college is to be as nice as you can! Whenever someone hears another person talk about someone, they remember and think of that person as judgmental. Everyone is afraid of being judged, this behavior will make you less attractive as a friend! Make lots of friends! Make friends with the opposite sex and with people that do not share your gene pool. You can never have too many friends. If you do make friends that make you feel uncomfortable for any reason, just drop them, no apologies and no regrets! While college is a wonderful experience for you to make friends, it is not the reason you are there!

Learn early good study habits! Study by yourself at the library. Do not listen to things that will distract you while you are studying! Take advantage or free tutors, writing centers, advisor’s, counselors, and all the support a good college should offer. Don’t be afraid to talk about your fears or disappointments. Leaving home and suddenly being responsible for yourself is a big change, you can’t expect there not to be feelings that accompany the experience.

Your first year at college can easily be a good transition. You want to research as much as you can about the college before you get there. The first year don’t take a very heavy load of classes. Let yourself learn how to study, and how to adjust! First year college adjustment can be the first subject you pass!