Will you pay for my travel?

No, we do not reimburse any travel-related expenses. (visa, flight, accommodation)

What types of companies can apply?

We are looking for Eastern-European companies with significant technology focus and global product potential.

Am I required to locate my company in your space?


Are you looking for a particular stage company?

We have no specific stage requirements, but most companies already have MVP and proven traction in their home country. We do not reject companies just for being earlier than that as long as we fall in love with your idea.

Do you require a certain number of founders?

No. We are eager to host either 1 or several representatives of your company in NYC.

If my company has already received funding can we apply?


How much does Starta Accelerator invest in each company?

$130K= 20K in cash+program fee+partners perks

What does Starta Accelerator do for me?

Starta gives you a chance to grow your business with the help of our partners and mentors. We are with you every step of the way, helping to penetrate the American market. We have amazing mentors that will help you on communications, business development, sales, marketing and fundraising side.
We give you exclusive access to our investors network and provide 3.5 months’ free office space.

What if I need more money? Will I get it during Demo Day?

Most likely, after the program you will need additional investment. We have access to a network of private and institutional investors. You will have a chance to talk to most of them during the program.
On Demo Day, you get the opportunity to present in front of a number of investors, who are looking for game-changing startups in NYC. Whether or not they invest in you- depends on how hard you work.

Do you sign NDAs?

We do not. Like all the VC firms, we hear too many ideas to sign NDAs. We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of the information you submit to us during the application process and will not share it outside of the Starta Accelerator team.

More Questions?

We want to hear from you! Please get in touch for more information.