Gardening in New Albany, Mississippi

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I love my Mississippi garden and I have grown one each and every year for 5 years now. The feel of warm moist dirt between my fingers and toes is indescribable. Plants reaching upward for the the suns rays and the rains touch is simply beautiful and a comfort to my soul. To be able to nourish a seed into a young plant is a very rewarding experience. in New Albany Mississippi is not as hard as it may seem. The soil here is rich and filled with nutrients. The humidity provides just the right amount of moisture and the sun is plentiful. New Albany Mississippi is a perfect area for gardening.

When preparing your garden for planting here in the south, you must first decide what you will be growing. I have found that Cabbage, Tomatoes, okra and Peppers are some of easiest plants to cultivate. Cabbage is so strong and hardy that even prolonged drought doesn’t seem to harm the this tough crop. Okra is another example of a garden trooper. In fact, Okra loves the dry spells that New Albany is famous for. This crop continues to thrive even as the soil cracks open from lack of moisture. Tomatoes, on the other hand, require a little more attention. These and most types of Peppers require more hydration than Mississippi can provide naturally. A little extra attention ensures these crops the proper amount of nutrition to flourish. In my gardening experience, I have found that strawberries are one of the hardest plants to grow and require lots of nourishment in addition to what the soil provides. The secret to growing these moody plants is lots and lots of hydration and soil additives.

The best time of year in New Albany Mississippi to start the garden, is in late April/Early May. At this time, the ground should be completely thawed from the winter freeze and most chances of frost have passed. Planting this early can produce a large quantity of crops before the weather becomes unbearably hot in July. If you plan to grow Squash, you must certainly get the seeds in the ground by the first of May. Squash easily suffers from intense heat and sun scorch which ultimately kills the crop. By August, most of the Squash crop is usually dead or withering badly. Fruit is almost completely gone.

So, you know what to plant and when to plant it. But do you know how to take care of it? The most important maintenance tips are to fertilize and use weed control. There are several types of fertilizers available including: Organic blends and natural additives like manure. I, personally prefer to use manure and Triple 13 for the best results. Plants are twice as big as plants with out these fertilizers. After the garden is established and has seen some growth, you will have to start removing weeds either with chemicals, ground covers such as Without this proper maintenance, your garden will suffer and will not produce as large of a crop as with care. Plants have to compete with weeds for nutrients from the soil. When weeds are removed, the crop can absorb all the plant foods it needs. Another great tip for gardening in New Albany Mississippi, is to use Miracle Grow. Miracle Grow is an amazing growth stimulant. When using Miracle grow on your crops, you will notice a drastic difference in the quality and quantity of your plants.

Gardening is one of the most rewarding things a person could do. Mississippi offers some of the best soil composition and the most beautiful weather to grow a wide variety of crops. If gardening is done correctly, you could see an over abundance of rewards for your hard work. Do no make a simple task a hard one. Mississippi gardening can be very fun and a simple pleasure in life.