UCLA Cheerleaders Pictures Set Web on Fire

March Madness has much more to offer than just basketball. And nothing makes that more abundantly clear than the hardworking UCLA basketball cheerleaders. You can see the UCLA basketball cheerleaders pictures here.

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Some would argue that a college basketball team’s cheerleaders play a role in how well the team performs. “You might think they have no effect on the game itself, but I call it the Michael Strahan Indexor the distraction factor, if you will, affecting both opponents and more importantly the officials. Why else do you think the Bruins have received all the calls recently?” wrote CriticalFanatic on the FanIQ website in March of 2008.

That’s an interesting theory, and it may or may not be true. But one thing is undeniable: The UCLA cheerleaders are much more than just eye candy. Indeed, they work very hard. In addition to being required to maintain a 2.5 grade point average, they must devote hours to practicing and personal training. What’s more, they are required to perform at all home games and most away games. They also devote a considerable amount of time representing the university at various public appearances. That amounts to huge time commitment outside the classroom.

Despite this respectable devotion to the craft of cheerleading exhibited by the UCLA cheerleaders, there are some who argue that that cheerleading is sexist and that it objectifies women – especially in pro sports. “When it comes to professional sports, the differences in the cheer-leading are as obvious as the physical characteristics of the cheerleaders. In college, cheer-leading is more of a sport. Most of the young women are more naturally and athletically built, and the routines and outfits aren’t as blatantly sexual as in the NFL. The professional cheerleaders’ purpose is to entertain the men, hence no male cheerleaders,” writes Me….Again.

Me…Again offers some compelling thoughts, but are they realistic? Do the UCLA cheerleaders and all female college cheerleaders, for that matter, exist as much for their beauty and ability to titillate as they do for their athleticism and school spirit? It would be hard to argue otherwise. The UCLA cheerleaders are indeed much more than eye candy, but the fact that they are eye candy is a critical element in their success.

Indeed, March Madness has much more to offer than just basketball.


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